Why pay more when you can pay less? Get access to various types of services by paying a SMALL fraction of the full price. 

Our Products

Please read the FAQ below this page before purchase.


Microsoft OneDrive

We will give you a private Login ID after purchase. You can only change your password once.

*Lifetime account


Nord VPN

We will give you a login ID after purchase, do not change account info, use on one device only to reduce account lock risk.

*1 year account


Freepik Premium

We will give you a shared login ID. Login in incognito mode, do not change any of the account’s info to avoid account lock.

*1 year account


Spotify Premium

We will need your Login details to upgrade your existing account (free plans users) to a family plan. The system will auto renew your account.

*1 year account


Skillshare Premium

We will give you a private Login ID after purchase. Get access to premium classes made by experts.

*6 months account


Netflix Premium

We will give you a shared login ID after purchase. This account is the 4k UHD Plan. Smart TV, PS4, Tablet and Laptop are allowed.

*1 month account


DIVI License 

We will need your WordPres login because the5$ will include installation from us. The DIVI license key/API key is controlled by us (Not stolen or leech license).

*Lifetime account


Canva Premium 

We will give you login ID after purchase. Offical price is $9.95. We are selling it for $4

*1 month account


How to receive product?

We will send to you via your Paypal email. Please email us at [email protected] after purchase to inform us especially if you want us to send to another email.

Refund & Warranty
  1. We will only refund if the product is completely unusable (our fault)
  2. Warranty is from our supplier’s warranty.
  3. No warranty will be given afher the warranty period or the supplier no longer provides it (regardless of your warranty duration).
Warranty duration
  1. OneDrive – Lifetime
  2. Nord VPN – 1 Month
  3. Freepik Premium – 1 Month
  4. Spotify Premium – 1 Year
  5. Skill Share Premium – 2 Months
  6. Netflix Premium – 1 Month
  7. DIVI – Lifetime
  8. Canva Premium – 1 Month
Why so cheap?
  1. It is cheaper than the offiicial price because the accounts are shared accounts or obtained in a “special way”.
  2. That is why we call this page “Black Market”.